Headline salaries

“Really, you graduated from an IIM?”

“Um, yes”

“So, did you get a 1 Crore starting salary too?”


Mentally: “Loser”

Till you read this:

Reality check at IIMs: Fine print says different story

One Response to Headline salaries

  1. rustey says:

    @Amit, I continue to be frustrated with the Indian press’ obsession with IIM salaries. It’s pretty obvious to anyone who took a statistics course during their MBA (all 3000 of us in India) that the Max of any data set is not the Mean of the same data set. (otherwise, I could imagine TOI running a headline, “Indians are dying at a ripe old age of 138”, referring to the only man to have reached that age!)

    The IIMA stance (more power to our Alma Mater, I say) is spot on. For one thing, people don’t have to be worried about ransom-iyas kidnapping them even before even a single Dollar has been earned. Secondly, their envious neighbors won’t be bringing their dogs to poop all over the front yard because “iski kismat dekho, crores ki salary mili hai paththe ko”.

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