McDonalds Shauchalaya

There’s treasure everywhere.  The “Wow” news of the day

The Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) plans to set up 300 world-class public toilets in public-private partnership… The corporation would give parcels of land for constructing toilets, while giving companies the right to commercially develop a fifth of the land. McDonald’s and Airtel are among the companies keen to partner with MCD in this initiative.

“When McDonald’s is operating an outlet close to a toilet, it cannot afford to have it dirty, because it will affect its own sales. In return, it is getting the space,” Chandra said on the sidelines of the tourism conclave organised by the Confederation of Indian Industry.

Awesome!  Chattur would be proud!

One Response to McDonalds Shauchalaya

  1. @Amit, I am concerned about this McD business model. I mean, what would you put in the “Remaining 20%” of the property, when the other 80% is a Shauchalaya?
    What about the taglines?

    I’m lovin it!?
    Answering “the call of nature”?
    What an idea, Sirji? Save paper, use your phone to clean!

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