Jugaad worship

Now this is distressing.  Apparently hospitals in India are being hailed for their best practices.  By none less than Raghuram Rajan in his new book Fault Lines.

Hospitals in the United States could learn more from each other, as well as from hospitals elsewhere, including India, where costs have been brought down by bringing mass-production techniques perfected in manufacturing to health care.  Indian hospitals have found that error rate are reduced when their doctors specialize and perform many procedures of a similar kind.  The time for operations is also cut down, with no loss of safety.  A focus on eliminating unnecessary frills and on utilizing expensive resources like doctor time most effectively also helps even though good surgeons in India earn about as much as surgeons in the United States, the cost of operations is often an order of magnitude lower.

Are we in India blind to our remarkable capabilities, or has the world gone completely blind-sighted and/or desperate!

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