As Indian companies hire more global managers…

Now that Indian companies are becoming global with a vengeance, it’s becoming common for non-Indian managers to be hired into desi companies. This great inter-mingling of cultures is a reversal of the previous stereotype of desis joining western companies.

With this in mind, I was reminded of this hilarious sketch by the British-Asian team of “Goodness Gracious Me”. In this, a westerner joins a desi companies, and immediately runs into trouble for his “complicated English name”. The new guy- Jonathan- is told that his chances of progress in the company are limited unless he does something about his name.

Check it out!

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Gaurav Rastogi is a writer and a business-exec living in the San Francisco bay area. His other blog is a personal philosophy blog at

2 Responses to As Indian companies hire more global managers…

  1. Raj Bhatt says:

    Well, names need to be adjusted in foreign countries.

    There is a long story behind how my name changed from Rajeshkumar to Rajesh to Raj when I shifted from India to the US. Even so, some colleagues called me ‘Rah’ instead of ‘Raj’.

    Funnily enough…having now shifted back to India, ‘Raj’ has permanently replaced ‘Rajeshkumar’. 🙂

    Gaurav: Has any US call agent spelt your last name as ‘Rasdogi’ before? I bet Yes 🙂

    • Raj, That’s true. I remember the time you came back from the US and you gave us a card that said “Raj Bhatt”, and we were all surprised why you’re giving someone else’s business card to us! 😉

      In my case, I just spell it out… “T as in Tom”. Always works.

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