Bachne ka koi tareeka nahin hai…

… apne aap ko police ke havale kar do!

Thus spake the hapless police in movie after movie.  But true to our national resourcefulness (applicable only to those who are trying to break rules, or do jugaad), the bad guys always find a way out.  Spoofed brilliantly in Hero Hiralal, when the police comes in after all is over and proclaims that they are indeed at the right time!

It’s a bit like that in corporate settings.  H.O. spends enormous energy putting together rules and “governance mechanisms” to catch the rule-breakers.  Enormous energy goes into creating this rule-infrastructure – with non-compliance being threatened by a revocation of coffee privileges (actually, that might be a very effective deterant – wonder why no body’s thought of that yet?).

Everyone has their favourite inane Dilbert rule.  My personal preference is for attendance rules.  So much time spent on tightening the screws… par bachne ka tareeka hamesha hota hai!

February 06, 1995

What’s your favourite corporate noose?

One Response to Bachne ka koi tareeka nahin hai…

  1. Amit…some companies ask their employees to wear ties. Jus’ sayin’!

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