Headline salaries

“Really, you graduated from an IIM?”

“Um, yes”

“So, did you get a 1 Crore starting salary too?”


Mentally: “Loser”

Till you read this:

Reality check at IIMs: Fine print says different story

Aadmi Do, Blog Ek…seriously, Bahut Nainsafi hai!

Welcome to our desi business blog. We’re really busy, so there’s no real reason for us to have a blog. But what to do, we are wanting to post because we couldn’t find desi business blogs we would like to read.

Meet Gaurav Rastogi, big-desi-company exec, who is based in the San Francisco bay area, and watches all the developments in India through his online lens, and his frequent flyer mileage reports.

Meet Amit Garg, busy consulting company owner, who is based in Bengaluru and at various airports around India, and watches developments in India through his slowly warming wine glass at 5-Star hotels. Charmed life, I tell you.

Both of us did our MBA at a Well Known Institute of Management in Western India, and our respective engineering degrees from reputable (before we joined) colleges in north India. This was early 90s, when both of us had hair on our heads, and little idea how quickly the cruel hand of heredity will scrub our pates clean. Time, in that sense, has done it’s damage. Follicle damage, however, has exposed these gray cells to the world in many new and interesting ways.

Hence, we blog.

You can expect this blog to be wry, opinionated, frequently updated (ha!), and always interesting. Now Gabbar sez, RSS this site!