Gaurav’s book on the offshore services business

Often caricatured and mislabeled in popular media, India’s Offshore services industry has emerged, within a single human generation, into the industry that defined India’s image to the world—a young, vibrant, upcoming nation. But how does the industry really work?

Industry veterans Gaurav Rastogi and Basab Pradhan explain what is really going on, using simple language and without resorting to jargon or code.  Offshore: How India got back on the global business map, raises and answers some powerful questions. Why did this industry come about in the era when socialist and bankrupt India was almost written off; its population bomb ticking ominously? Why should India be proud, and what has the industry done for the country? What gods have conspired to make this industry so profitable? Are the industry leaders really well managed or merely the beneficiaries of a flattening world? Will the industry find itself high and dry when the rising tide of globalization recedes, marooning the millions who work in and around this industry?

Whether you’re already in the industry, invested in the industry, or know someone who will soon be, this book is a necessary companion to make sense of the relentless news cycle.Image

About Gaurav Rastogi
Gaurav Rastogi is a writer and a business-exec living in the San Francisco bay area. His other blog is a personal philosophy blog at

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