The times, they are a changin’

So, @Amit, back in India, we never had to worry about time changes, other than the occasional AK Hangal type saying “Beta, samay badal gaya hai” to us, when we ourselves weren’t part of the Hangal set.

WordPress’ announcement of time change.

In the US, of course, time changes twice a year.You either “spring forward” an hour, or “fall backward” an hour, once every six months. Reasons are shrouded in mystery (well, too lazy to report, but they’re clearly written out on Wikipedia), but this leads to longer day times in the summer. Evening sunlight can go on till 9pm at the peak of summer in California!

That means that the “offshore call times” for all the IT industry types have to be juggled around. What was convenient in the morning (US time), now has to move to the evening and so on. Terribly inconvenient, if you ask me, but that’s what the tyranny of time is all about, isn’t it?

You can see the impact of this in Bangalore traffic too, if you were to sit with a counter at the Hosur Road junction. People who have to talk with their clients during their morning/evening slots, have to juggle around their schedules based on client availability. Call center folks have to adjust their times to match the new US dinner hours (for that is when the “are you wanting greater kall rates” calls come most).

Finally, one more reason I don’t wear an analog watch anymore- too much tenshun with time change every six months.

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Gaurav Rastogi is a writer and a business-exec living in the San Francisco bay area. His other blog is a personal philosophy blog at

One Response to The times, they are a changin’

  1. amtgrg says:

    Gaurav, you forget the old definition of IST. What’s an hour here-or-there? 🙂

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