Why we need foreign (or any) universities in India

Gaurav made the point that foreign participation in Indian education is no bad thing.  Here are some numbers.

India’s Gross Enrollment Rate (GER) for higher education was 10% in the middle of the decade.  In the early 80’s, the number was 4%.  China is at 20%, Brazil at 27%, Japan at 55% – and they are not the highest.

Against this background, the target for 2012 was set at 15% by the UGC.   Even this modest target would require India to add another 12,000 colleges and 240 universities.  This would mean an infrastructure increase of 50% or more.

Who’s going to do this?

Private education is necessary for filling the educational void in India.  And it doesn’t matter whether those filling the gap are Indian or foreign!

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