This blog has argued in favour of freeing up our education system.  Here’s one more reason why:

“The Union Cabinet was today understood to have decided in principle to dissolve the Medical Council of India (MCI) whose chief Ketan Desai has been arrested by the CBI on graft charges…  Desai, who was arrested on April 22 by CBI for allegedly accepting bribe to give permission to a Punjab medical college to recruit a fresh batch of students without having requisite infrastructure, has already submitted his resignation to MCI Vice-President P C Kesavankutty Nair

Medical colleges across the country require MCI’s permission to increase the number of seats, to set up new medical college, to add new courses and also to increase student intake.”

Give it up folks – let go – the market will figure it out for itself!

One Response to Ugh

  1. Psri says:

    Ah, but the market is brutal and Darwinist, and by the time it “figures out”, there could be dashed hopes, crushed dreams, unemployment and in case of medical students, potential malpractice and a few collateral deaths… Macro-Economics may shrug and say, hey, you know, omelettes and broken eggs, but government cannot function that way – anywhere in the world.

    I believe, perhaps unfashionably for an MBA, in prudent Government intervention…

    I am OK with IIT’s and IIM’s and IISc’s being allowed to sink or swim at the mercy of market forces, but the government DOES need to ensure basic infrastructure, curriculum and quality is maintained in medical colleges

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